New Driver-Less Google Cabs

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed a contract with Google to replace all the city’s yellow cabs with Google’s patented driver-less cars expected to hit the streets by 2014. Is this really a good idea by the Mayor considering many New York City residents need jobs? The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission Fact Book reports there are currently over 13,000 medallions, so what happens to all the taxi drivers after the introduction of driver-less cars? A report by the Coalition for the Homeless in Jan. 2014 reports the total number of homeless people in municipal shelters is 53,615.

I have no idea which direction Mayor de Blasio is heading, but it appears as if this new idea will not be very helpful to taxi and limousine drivers. In fact, it may actually increase the number of unemployed people thanks to driver-less cars, and the homeless population may even increase if unemployed people cannot afford to pay their rent. But on a positive thought, I’m not sure many people will feel entirely comfortable getting into a taxi cab only to find out that there is no driver at the wheel.

Source: Inhabitat


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